Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

!Launching Things!
Jack and Robert
Creating a catapult that will outlast and outperform other catapults while being made with simple parts.
We will attempt to learn what makes a catapult or trebuchet launch ammunition in certain ways.
We will learn what makes the best ammunition.
We will be challenged to make a catapult out of simple tools, materials and with limited knowledge.
This will push us by constantly making us improve and make better our designs.
For first project:
Rubber bands--Jack from a friend
Popsicle sticks--School?
mini marshmallows, skittles, m&ms--Jeff
Plywood sticks?
Tape, wood (assorted)-- Robert, Jack
Main Steps:
Catapult building (ideas only, not frame for the project)
1) Test one of our own designs of a catapult
2) Make improvements on the catapult, test
3) Find a design online and test
4) Improve design

Our results of catapult launches will be recorded to expand more off of our journal entries. We will record this to furthe our research about our best catapult.

Plan of catapults and trebuchets—finding good designs
Lead supply provider

Plans for catapults finalizing
Launching mechanism building
Recording results on computer

Launching mechanism building
Records results at moment of launches
Planning of catapults and trebuchets
Note: Additional roles and responsibilities may arise and will be equally divided at that time...

If this is not an individual project, how will you work together so that all are learning/working equal to their abilities? Roles? Accountability?
A quarter of the year or more because we will be making improvments, and we will be doing two catapults.
-Catapult science/design page and desire for a project that involes building
Mr. Emmi-- Expert
Mrs. Brown-- Expert
Other projects that are similar (searching for "catapults"):
Catapults and Trebuchets
Marshmallow Catapult
We will ask our "experts" for information on how to build new catapults.
Using only the supplies we have brought to build our catapults will be a difficulty. We will handle this by bringing in more supplies than we need and writing down what we will need for the next classes.
we will share our work by recording videos and recording the launch distance of each launch. then we will post it to this wiki page. Our target audience are the group of people that are reaserching or designing catapults or trebuchets.
Our success will be defined by our constantly improving results from the catapult launches. Anyone can review the results of our project from our wiki pages and journals. There are so many projects that use video to record, and we hope to use this means. Our results will be measured throughout the project.