Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Justin Howcroft and Robert Smith
The challenge that will drive our work will be the challenge of taking apart new and interesting machines. We will also create things with the parts we reclaim.
In this project we will learn about the internals of machines. We will also be able to learn how to apply the parts of the machine's internals to other uses.

Challenges will constantly occur and appear in our way for everything from disassembly to re-creation.

This will stretch us every time we open a new device. We will have to use all of our mechanical skills to safely and thoroughly deconstruct the machines.
Machines --US/other suppliers
Tools (Misc.) Us and class box/teacher
Main Steps:
  1. Get this proposal approved
  2. Find a source for our mechanical objects which we will disassemble
  3. Acquire a machine which we think will have many useful components
  4. Take apart the machine discard useless parts
    1. Repeat the above until enough parts are acquired for a build of many small functioning machines
  5. Build small toys and gadgets with the parts we found
  6. Post to an updates page which may be an external web site

Roles will be split up equally. Many jobs need to be completed, and the roles will all be filled. Everyone wants to be working, not sitting, so we will all be either taking apartiing, documenting, or building.

There has never been an issue with splitting up the work in a group we have been in before.
Project will take the remaining two and one half weeks of the school year, and we will continue it into the summer.
Robert's past deconstruction project. We wish to make it similar, but then to create things from the components.

We don't need an expert, but we have MAAANy experts in our families.
Our deconstruction will be difficult at times. We will be exploring new devices and mechanisms, and will need to look oop how to deal with them, or we will just rip them out if we don't need the parts.
Target audience sophistry: People interested in machines. Period.

There is no audience. No one ever checks other people's projects, and no one cares. If someone cares enough about our project they will comment on our page, or more politely, just ask us.

Despite this sad and discouraging fact, we will be updating our external page with information about the builds and deconstruction.
Success: Creating many small toys and tinker thingies.
Evaluation: Coolness and originality of toys. If they perform any function where the parts were not all taken from the machine in the same pattern, it is both original and cool.
Visibility?: Other people can look at our toys and gadgets. They will see awesomeness.
Progress: Major updates will be offered on an external updates page.

Above is our rubric. No additions are necessary, because we will constantly be learning while we deconstruct and bulid.