Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Computer Dissection
Pieter, Robert
To analyze the individual components in a PC and identify what they do...
We expect to learn what is inside a computer. We are experimenting with a new area of knowledge for both of us, so we have many new things to learn and be challenged by. It will stretch us to learn about something we have little to no knowledge about. We will be stretched to complete our challenges.
PCs for deconstruction--Pieter will provide
Tools for deconstruction--Robert, Pieter, and Mr. Whitmer
Main Steps:
  1. Create a page to document our progress
  2. Bring in PC and assess what tools are needed for deconstruction
  3. Begin deconstruction
  4. Take pictures and videos
  5. Figure out what each part is
  6. Figure out what each part does
  7. Deconstruct compound parts
  8. Reocrd information about smaller parts

Taking apart things requires multiple hands. While we are taking apart the computers, we will all be working very hard. Our individual roles will not really be present, because we will both want to share common experiences and do similar tasks.
Between one quarter and two quarters...
Mr. Brown--tools?, information, help with deconstruction
Mr. Whitmer--some tools

Our parents--both computer guys who have knowledge in this area that will come in handy even if this information is not posted online...

List possible resources/sources of inspiration to complete this project. Are there any outside experts who you could learn from or who might help you? Are there existing examples of the sort of project you want to complete? Has anyone else done a similar project in Thinkering Studio? What words did you search the wiki for when checking? How will you develop your PLN (personal learning network)?
We do not know what we are going to encounter, so we don't know what will happen and become a difficulty.
We will share by our journals and our project pages. Our target audiences are anyone who is interested in this who is considering a project like this in school or Thinkering Studio.

Sharing/Teaching - How will you share what you have learned with others? Who is your target audience?
Our success will be based on the information on our pages. We are both learning the same things, whether it is on each of our journals or not.

How will you/your group define the projects success? How should we evaluate your success? How will that be "visible" to others? (Demonstrate) Can your progress be measured throughout the project?
(Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas or possibly Rubistar.)
Design your own rubric.