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Design, Make, Remix, Hack, Create, Build, Program, Eat, Craft, ETC.

Welcome to the Thinkering Studio. Thinkering Studio is a collaborative space/class/studio for students to:
  • explore questions, challenges, topics or technologies of interest, at their own pace, and in directions of their choosing
  • collaborate informally and formally, in person and electronically, synchronously and asynchronously
  • plan and reflect on their creations, processes, successes, difficulties, and learning through a multimodal journal and portfolio
  • create footsteps, examples, resources, or other shareable artifacts for themselves & others who might follow
  • integrate technology as appropriate
  • (think 3M, Bell Labs, Google's 20% time, Apple's Blue Sky program, etc.)

"The word technology comes from the Greek. It is comprised of two parts: "techne," meaning an art or skill, and "logia" meaning the systematic study of an idea (Oxford English Dictionary, 1989). Thus the word technology originally meant the systematic study of an art or skill." Shoffner, Jones, and Harmon

Want to know more? The best way to learn more is to stop by for a visit, or better yet, to volunteer. If you can't stop by, check out some of the influences behind the class:

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