Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Thinkering Studio Overview

6th Grade Memories
Kaylee & Sophie
To create a memories project on our 6th grade year
We expect to learn how to get good at making an imovie that is good because before we werent very good at it and it was kind of short the ones we have made before, and this one is going to more advanced. We will ask someone who is really good at imovies. Then they can teach us about how to make it.
imovie, and pictures from earlier in the year
Main Steps:
We need to start by getting pictures from earlier in the year then take pictures for the rest of the year. Then we out it in a slide show and we add music and put it in imovie.
It will probably take us unitl the rest of the school year to finish this project.. Becuase its memories of the whole year.
We are going to make an imovie, some people that would be a help to us could be people that have many pictures from earlier in the year.
Getting picures from earlier in the year from other epople because this is about 6th grade year in school and not out of school. We didnt take much pictures of us in school so we kind of havew to rely on others somewhat
This will be posted to the wiki for everyone to see. This is more directed to the 6th graders.
We will half way through say our difficulties and things that we found to be easy then we can keep going so we can let people know how we are doing.
(Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas.)>>>> This Video helped us learn more about Imovies on computers