3d printing Project Proposal

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Making items that are useful in life. Making challenging items that will be hard to make.
Challenge Starters & Examples
how to make the items and how to shape the item
Making the items fit into things we use in life. And shaping the items.
How will this stretch you? (Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas.)
  • 3D printer
  • computer
Main Steps:
  • Outline the main steps to complete your project or provide a link to another site that has the steps. Below the link explain any additional steps you need to complete.
  • How will you document your process/progress beyond your journal entries?
  • If this is not an individual project, how will you work together so that all are learning/working equal to their abilities? Roles? Accountability?
  • Which inquiry or design process steps did you include?(Or the Creative Learning Spiral)
End of marking period
  • Youtube
  • Ethan and Jack
  • Our teacher
  • Thinkering studio projects for 3D printing
  • Our teacher will be mr whiter and students that use 3d printing like Ethan and Jack.
How shaping the item we are making. How to fit the 3D printing item on to the other item. we will handle by comparing them and trying them out
Our project might fail by the items falling apart or it just won't fit. (Conduct a pre-mortem)
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • parents friends teachers and others who are interested in 3d printing
  • Who is your target audience?
How will you/your group define the projects success? How will you know that your “good” is “good enough”?
How should we evaluate your success?
How will that be "visible" to others? (Demonstrate) Can your progress be measured throughout the project?
(Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas or possibly Rubistar.)
Design your own rubric.
“What are you making?” “Why are you making this?” and “Who is it for?”