Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

3d Printing designs
Cole Ben
We are challenged by making the 3d prints right.
We are making this to get to see our cool designs.
we will be challenged by making right angle and the right hight.
It wil streek us by thinking what were making.
Main Steps:
  • using our computer our schools computer.
  • our entries will be like designing on one box.
  • Will give each other steps to do to complete our project.
  • We will just need to do it on computers.
10-15 mins each design.
  • our resourses is computers.
  • tinkercad
  • We will develop it by making the right clicks and searches.
the right hight and angels.
If its to much usage of string.
when can teach it how to get it to bring and to get to the website.
  • by putting a link.
  • roman Mathew.
It will be good enough if it is the right size.
By checking if its the right size and angels.
By when your making it on the computer and when its finished.
Some ideas are making it correctly.
3d printing
“What are you making?” “Why are you making this?” and “Who is it for?”

We are making the 3d print because it looks cool and ben and I want to se our cool designs come out.