3D printer Project Proposal

3D printer
how do you use a 3D printer?
How do you make designs on sketch-u?
Can I learn and get better at making things with sketchup and 3D printer?
I expect to learn how to use a 3D printer and how to use Google Sketch-Up.
I will be challenged because I have never used a 3D printer.
It will stretch myself because I have never used a 3D printer in my life and hopefully I will master it by the end of the project.
I also expect to learn how to use a 3D printer without a kit or extra help.
  • Computer
  • 3D printer
  • nylon
  • epoxy
  • Time
  • Sketch-Up software
Main Steps:
  1. Explore Google sketchup
  2. Create a design on Google sketch-up to be printed
  3. printing with the 3D printer
  4. Choose a more challenging design to print.
  5. document my progress in a weekly reflection and in saved designs.
I expect this project to take about six (6) weeks.
I think the design part will be the most difficult because I have next to zero experience with digital design. I will handle it by watching tutorial vids and using Mr. browns instructions
I will be paying it forward by showing the class the sketch-up design and my 'print'. My target audience is the rest of the class. Starting a Jumpstart page for 3D printing.
I will measure my success based on the quality of the design and the model i make with the printer. I will get feedback from Col, Jack & Mr. Brown