3-D Printing

by: Ojs2 and Jta2

"Final" Project

  • Final Chicken JTA2.JPGIMG_0472.JPGScreen Shot 2018-01-25 at 8.58.30 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-25 at 8.59.15 AM.pngIMG_8625.JPGIMG_5522.JPG

"Final" Project Reflection

  • What did we learn/master during this project?

We learned how to 3-d print, and use a cad software. We felt that we learned a lot on the tinkercad software. It was a good architectural design experience, and we felt that using the knowledge we learned on tinkercad, we learned a lot about design, now we can put this knowledge into future projects and when we are older. We will definitely use the tinkercad software for designs later in life. Seeing our designs come to life through the printer, was just a phenomenal experience for us. Seeing our designs go to use was also mind blowing. Knowing a lot about a topic that is so new, that not may people know about it. Being the age that we are, and using this knowledge, we feel that we can inspire the next generation of 3-d print, and cad softwares. This was a very fun project for us!

Steps & Tips

  • Use Lynda videos to help us understand the 3-d printer concept
  • Use more Lynda videos to help us recognize the Tinkercad design software
  • Research designs and tips on the go
  • Work and evaluate our designs with others and Mr. Whitmer
  • Print our designs and research more ideas

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • Some fails that we had were that the 3-d printer would sometimes have some technical difficulties. We would try to design our projects and the printer would sometimes work and sometimes it would not. Some of the failures we come across are 3-d printing unit where somtimes the filament would get put in an incorrect place and would be permanently stuck. Another failure was the eye on Jack's chicken did not stay very well. Finally, we designed a pretty large object and it used up all the 3-d printers filament and the printer ran out of filament have way threw the printing proses and we had a safe printed project. we needed to order new filament and that took about a week so that delayed us a week or so.