3-D Printing AJH6 CNS4

by: AJH6 and CNS4

"Final" Project

"Final" Project Reflection

  • Use the reflection prompts or come up with your own that helps you reflect on the overall project, process & product

Steps & Tips

  • First, we will watch videos on YouTube about making things on tinkercad.
  • Second, we will start to test things we make to see how the game functions.
  • Third, we will start making actual things that are useful for daily life.
  • Fourth, we might trade these things for money.
  • Photo of Building
  • Step 1 go to to tinkercad.com
  • Step 2 Sign in or Register
  • Step 3 go to your recent designs/dashboard and create new project
  • Step 4 on the right side of the page there is a box with shapes and other things or at the top right of the page you can import a project
  • Step 5 drag the shape you want on to the workplace
  • Step 6 you can resize, lengthen, and make it taller after you place it on the workplane or click on the object and click on the white squares and hold and move it up, left, right, or down to resize and more.
  • Step 7 when you are done with your project, go to the top of the page and there should be a random name there, click on it and type what you want it to be
  • Step 8 make sure you save it
  • Step 9 when you know your done, you can export, or share the project so you can access it as a file, share it on Facebook, or 3d print it
  • Step 10 to 3d print click export, it should say download at top, but you want to click to the right of it on 3d print
  • Step 11 you can choose to only print what is selected, or everything you put on the workplane.
  • Step 12 under send to my printer, click your printers name
  • Step 13 it should say your design is on the way, click continue to (name of your printer), or if you changed your mind and you don't want to print, click cancel and return to tinkercad
  • Step 14 if you pressed continue, it will send your project to the 3d printer
  • Step 15 make sure your printer is on, and wait for your project to be designed in the printer, and then your all done!

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • Difficulty; moving objects.
    • We resolved this by fidgeting with things and asking for help from Ethan S.
  • Fail; making all the objects even.
    • We resolved this by figuring out the trick to making things even, putting things together and only moving them in one direction at a time.


  • YouTube Videos , Students we asked for help: Mr. Whitmer (teacher), Ethan S., Noah B.,