For our first project we are going to make soap sculptures!

Abby will bring:

  • Towel
  • Ziplock bags
  • Salt and food dye

Claire will bring:

  • Bowl
  • Soap dixiie cups
  • A small paint brush

We will place the soap shavings into the hot water and let it melt together. Next, we will mold the melted soap into shapes! ☺

Soap Design Ideas

  • dice
  • hearts
  • candy
  • bannana
  • sea shell
  • acorn
  • chocolate bar with bite
  • pancakes with syrup
  • oreos
  • eggs with initials
  • burger
  • hands (hand soap! haha!)
  • dog bones
  • mustaches
  • chocolate chip cookie
  • leaves

Here our pictures!

purplesoap.JPGsecond photo of soap.JPG
photo desert .JPGimage fav.jpeg